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From China to Africa: The most important things to consider before shipping your goods during this time

International trade is now more complicated and vulnerable, with supply chains being disrupted by measures imposed across different countries. Global trade, with its heavy emphasis on Chinese manufacturing, has been rocked by the pandemic, with routes to the African continent particularly badly hit.

ElijahSEND Team

Published On:

19 October, 2020

Although there are signs that restrictions are being lifted and shipping lines within these routes are beginning to resume partial services, business-as-usual no longer exists. If you're having your next shipments from China to Africa during this time, here are the most important things to first consider.

Shipping Mode

Different logistics methods can make a huge difference both in shipping time and freight charges. Therefore we always need to determine which method will be the most cost-effective one, after all, we are all in this to save and make money. The options are - air freight, ocean freight.

Each has unique benefits and it’s often a combination of these shipping methods to get the Chinese sourced goods to your business. There should be some deliberation over the time frame you need your products, the security of your shipment, and usually the biggest factor, the cost. It’s also important to keep shipping rates as low as possible at all times. But sometimes, time is more crucial than money.

As during non-pandemic times, ocean freight is typically far cheaper but has significant lead time. If your transit time demands it, ship by air and you’ll have confidence in the transit times. It’s all about balance. Consider all the actual situations and the factors that are most important for you and your business in order to choose. Of course, whether air or ocean shipping is right for you could very easily change from shipment to shipment.

Shipping Partner

Traditional shipping has been normally messy. When transporting goods from China to Africa, you should look for a shipping partner that is not just familiar with the different transport routes but a digital freight partner that gives you the cheapest and fastest transport option. Also the ability to compare different dates, prices and means of transport and book the best option for you directly online: it’s as easy as taking a flight on holiday. complete transparency, real-time tracking, customer support, and peace of mind throughout your shipping time.